long from now

i love this poem, i read it from “Puisi buat rakyat Indonesia, kumpulan puisi 25 penyair korea”

and finally i found the hanggul version from :

this is “long from now” hangul version:

먼 후일 당신이 찾으시면
그때에 내말이 ‘잊었노라’ 당신이 속으로 나무리면
‘무척 그리다가 잊었노라’  

그래도 당신이 나무리면
‘믿기지 않아서 잊었노라’

오늘도 어제도 아니잊고
먼 후일 그때에 ‘잊었노라’


and this is “long from now”  translate in english:

Long From Now

Long from now, if you should seek me,
I would tell you I have forgotten.

If you should blame me in your heart,
I would say “Missing you so, I have forgotten.”

And if you should still reprove me,
“I couldn’t believe you, so I have forgotten.”

Unable to forget you today, or yesterday,
but long from now “I have forgotten”


i’ve found the english version from this web: http://koreanpoetry.homestead.com/
that was a beautiful poem right? kim sowol made it verry touching,,



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