about what?

ok sekarang saya bahas apa yah? hmmm,,,, no idea..

wait, mungkin rapot? ok bahas itu,, hari sabtu nanti bagi rapot, hmm,, saya takut,, nilai saya pasti turun semua..

entah kenapa saya merasa kemampuan saya mulai menurun setelah menginjakkan kaki di SMA dan semoga hanya berlangsung sebentar, ok inti poin pentingnya bukan rapot tapi proses.. yeah,, everybody need process.. and how about mine? i should evaluate mine i guess.. i admit it i didn’t make 100% myself in when the process running.. but i did it, i did process, about 80% in i guess..

i worried about my score,, a whole of mine, and the most thing i worried is “SMPTN or any university entrance test next year”,, why i should worry about this?  yeah of course i’m afraid of university entrance test, everybody in my age always get worry of that thing,, i feel that i’m not ready enough to face it..  what the thing make me feel not ready to face it? i guess it pretty much because of  score of my whole sciences subject,, chemistry, physics, biology, math,,  and there is the other thing than the sciences score,, my IQ is not high enough to make me safe for the university enterance test,,  so what should i do to face it?

it’s pretty difficult for me right? i wanna be a  cardiovascular doctor, or engineering, well actually i wanna be two of that and run my own company,, i wanna have a hospital and also electrical contractor company,,  why i wanna have hospital? i wanna help people,, why i wanna have electrical contractor company? i dunno i just want it,, you build power plant, that sounds pretty cool right?

well, i guess i should start from now.. so bye,, i ‘ m gonna do my math,, review it, i guess..


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